introducing you a new tag

after six months, this is the day I am starting to get that 'special' and 'different' feelings of having a baby girl. simply because she is showing new 'girly' gestures like pulling off someone's hair; scratching someone's face, screaming out loud, having great attention to flowers and feminine patterns and that particular nagging part when a girl dislikes someone : turning her eyes off you.

thus, I inevitably compare with her big brother. this is also the time for me to realise that having a baby girl is so much different. it feels like she grows faster than boys, reaching milestones earlier than boys and a baby girl is able to make me do lots of experiments for their outfits. and today, is the first time I went to the mall to hunt some new dresses for upcoming events.


so having said that, please welcome me to announce a new tag for my new experience:  #ndaluna  to share my journey as a babygirl-mommy-newbie

for a start, let me share you the perk of having a baby girl
*panic attack as I hit the mall*

Ready to join Tante Lia's wedding shower 
A gift from Oom @adiputra & @Rintul

Ready for weightlifting :D 
Let's go to granny's book launching

Ready to go to Tante Lia's wedding

Ready for Alif's birthday


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