Malam ini kita berkhayal. Menulis dan menggambar banyak hal yang kita mau. Apppppa aja!
Dan, ini hasilnya.

He made one big clouds with a smiling sun on the right corner of the A0 sized paper. My space was on the left and his was on the right. Me with purple colour and he with the black one.

This was what he wrote the very first time.
"I dream I have a big house and I dream I have a big boat."
then he drew them both.

I asked him why he was dreaming of having a big house, hence he got a house already. The one we are living in. And this was what he said:
"Titan pengen punya rumah yang besar kaya nini, Nda. Rumah kita tuh aneh. Ruang tamu ... trus jadi satu sama dapur. Dapur, trus jadi satu sama teras. Teras, ... eh ada meja buat makan di situ. Aneh, kan? Kalo rumah nini kan satu-satu setiap ruangnya. Makanya titan dream punya rumah besar."

Much of I love his idea, I answered this:
"Tapi rumah besar repot ngebersihinnya. Sekarang aja bunda kerepotan."

"Iya juga sih, ... eh tapi nggak papa Titan pengen punya rumah besar."

In case you cannot see the picture clearly, here are more of his dreams:
I want to go to the moon
I want to have a caramel store, yum yumm!
I dream I can play all the time!

And here are mine:
I dream of healthy family
I dream of smart children, happy, good education, get a job and financially independent
I want my kids to be smart, humble, brave, honest and to be happy!
I want to watch U2 concert and sing along
I want to travel the world
I want to have cheese store and a vineyard
I want to watch aurora borealis
I want to see a planet floating big in the sky so I can see it with my naked eyes
last but not least, I want my caramel business to be big!

Oh, ... whose session was it? why am I dreaming much more than he was? 

Well, to my son, ... dream big. I will support you with all I might.


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