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*big grin*

perasaan itu, masih tetap sama.

Hari Ibu

Reason or Excuse?

The grand grateful

Looking through

To my satellites

Bunda Ikutan Sekolah

before bed time

To my little artist

I love you and ...

a love letter

Thank you (again) my son


Perfect Timing

Jangan bilang siapa-siapa

If I get married someday

Five things

Our alphabet date before bed

Today's PDR

tentang waktu, menurut aku dan kamu

Celoteh dua lelakiku

Who I will be with when I am old

Saat Allah menciptakan Luna

Thank You

Dunia Bayi

... but there are some rules.

I'm sorry Malicca


Kangen (padahal ketemu setiap hari)

"If someone gets angry, ..." and so you said so

Yes, I am the Queen! :)))

My first Canon

Apa yang murah di dunia?

Are you happy still, Bunda?

Archimedes would have killed me

Inshaa Allah

Don't Stop



Malicca's bussiness day