the love of my life

Never crossed my mind I would have two kids. And this; is actually so much fun.

When I was a little kid, I remembered asking my mom for another little girl. But mom always said, nobody sells babies so we could not have another. But then after I got bigger, she said having another kid is not easy. Because she is too old for having another one. 

Now, too good to be true, I'm enjoying every bits of my children's interaction to one another. 
Malicca is still learning to be a big brother, and I must say he is real good. It is the thing I cannot teach him because I never have younger brother or sister before. 

Laluna, by the time I am making this page, is six months and three weeks. She is developing her emotional development and I can see her eyes changes to brighter and her legs cannot stop kicking out every time she sees her brother as if she was asking her brother to play. 

To my kids, you two be good okay? 
Family is all you got to get home, no matter how far you have gone. 
Take care of each other as much as I take care of you two. 

I love you both, to the moon and back. 

The love starts from the very beginning 

The first time you two took picture together

Sharing bed

Learning to take care 

Learn to share (room)

Put the same attributes

Those lovey-dovey moments

Those caypoh-ism

Those cute expressions

Those loveable nasty gestures

Those secrets

... and those are the love of my life

May, 27th 2014

Promise me you too will be good to each other - Bunda -

June 8th, 2014

June 26th 2014, a perfect way to spend a rainy day

some of 2016 moments

August 8th 2014, Luna wakes Titan almost every morning, ... 

... and go to school with him

August 31st 2014, I just love this picture!

September 1st 2014 

September 16th 2014

January 7th 2015
January 22nd, 2014

January 22nd 2015

January 27th 2015

February 8th 2015

April 2015, bobo yang tenang peluk-peluk sebelum ada salah satu yang ketindihan. 

Kakak Titan bantuin Bunda memasangkan kaos kaki Luna

Peluk-peluk. A must thing to do before bed.

May 2nd 2015, our first trip to Bandung by train. This one was at the Floating Market

May you grow together bigger, smarter, warmer and put respect on each other. May 2015.

Kakak Titan was the one I can count on for a little break. May 2015
September 2015: Togetherness comes in a new level: introducing minecraft *tepok jidaaaaaaat*
October 2015: Elus-elus Luna supaya bobo di perjalanan ke Pulau Umang. Thank you for babysitting her, Kakak! 
Aki's birthday in Pandeglang. March 20th 2016
2016, we bought a skate but nobody can ride it ... you guys choose using it this way

April 2016, We went to Plazs Senayan to buy bubu a wrist watch for his birthday present.
He does not really like it, I guess. Never at once he uses it. 

May 2016, Kakak Titan;s birthday we had dinner at Holycow

Idul Fitri 2016, the whole family came to Jakarta and we had dinner at Abuba

2016, early days of Kakak Titan went to Piano Lesson

Oh that look. How lovable you both. Stay this way ya, you guys are
best friend to each other and guardian; one to another. 

Still you both sleep like this :) 

Late 2016, we tried Houbii and kakak helped adek wearing socks. 

Hello 2017, Your first sailing to Sumatra

How you grow so fast! Kakak was on 5th grade and Luna was on Kindergarten A.
Luna always feel awkward when we kissed goodbye at school, or just to take a photo with kakak at school. 

2017, we had trial at Playfield.
Luna: "Kakak, can I taste a little bit of your spagheti?"
Kakak: "Just. a. little. bit. but. you. asked. for. more."

You both always love this spot, eh?!

2017, the first time to Labirynth park and Luna got scared. 

2017, Idul Fitri: learn to make cheese stick 
2017 - 2018 obsession: STAR WARS
Luna: I like pasma, darth vader, kylo ren.
Titan: I am Luke skywalker.
Luna: Pay some respect to me, Kakak. I am your father.

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