I feel happy today

I think I have just written about this a few days ago.
Today I had the chance to de-list my uh-so-lazy-to-get-out-of-the-house and meet my besties yana and lita , of course with Luna.

And the moment finally came, when Luna threw tantrums and just could-not-stop-crying and refused to seat in her carseat. She cried almost the whole journey from Matari to Puri Indah Mall, ... and back! I tried to stay calm though, thanks to Yana and Lita who stayed calm too. The only thing I regretted was to let her off her carseat, yet she kept crying anyway.

I knew this day would come. So tomorrow hopefully I am well-trained enough to hear her nags, annoying I-want-my-mommy-tantrums-and-cry... while I am driving. And hopefully, she will learn too that I will never give up.

Thank you Yana for the lovely pic!
Oh, and do you see the beautiful doll in polkadot? Its name is Luna, by @kuklagram (instagram)
Go check their instagram feeds and be prepared to fall in love with their handmade hugs :)


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