Perfect Timing

Dear Malicca, 
one day you will learn there is no such a thing as perfect timing. 
One day, you will also learn that it is not about waiting for the perfect time; 
but it is all about how to make time. 

Today is my last day of my 3 months maternity leave and today is your Student Lead Conference for term 1. It means, tomorrow I am going back to work as well as you will start having your holiday. Yes, again having your holiday without me. But with all your plans on how you will spend your holiday, I am sure we will have good time for the time we will make :)

You did a good job for your presentation at SLC. Have some homework to catch up, of course.
That would be reducing your day dreaming in the middle of lessons and learn harder for number operation and place value for math subject.

Anyways (again),
There was a slice of smile for what happen today at school.

I said to you previously to attend only your main presentation and not to take tour to your special subject teachers, because your little sister is waiting at home. I was afraid I would pass her milking time. But as you finished your presentation, you insisted me to go to Islamic room and meet your religion teacher, Mr. Didin.

You: Bunda, let's go to Islamic room.
Me: Hei, we made a deal not to take special subjects' tour because your sister is waiting
You: Only the religion subject, I promise you. Please please please. You haven't met Mr. Didin, right? He is my new religion teacher.
Me: Hmmmm, ... thats true *thinking*
You: Mr. Didin is a handsome guy, Bunda. Come on, you will like him.
Me: Oh please ...

But we went to the Islamic room anyway. And we see Mr. Didin outside the class, and you screamed while pointing your finger at him. "That's Mr. Didin Bunda, ... see? I told you he is a handsome guy. Mr. Didin, this is my Bunda!"


*I wanna bury myself way under* 

You and your Organic & Non Organic trash bin
for integrated subject, Science & Art 


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