a love letter

Dear Malicca,

you have been giving me things all along.
Start from your paintings, drawings, stories you made yourself or letters.

Today, I got another letter from you.
But of all letters you gave me, this one is a bit different.
I felt this one is more ... personal.
It was like you wrote it from the bottom of your heart.
It was like you were telling me how disappointed you were (because I left you to the office),
... but you loved me nevertheless (I knew it from your closing lines).

Terima kasih ya sayang,
and one thing for sure;
I never felt a single bit of boredom taking care of you and your little sister.
You are my children.
It is just sometimes, ... or many times,
mom got to do what mom got to do.
And you will know, those are all for you.

I love you nonetheless!


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