Who I will be with when I am old

It was a sunny day. I got a little bored of babysitting so I decided to pick you yup from school.
I always taking and picking you up, because we always have interesting conversation along the way. From nenek cantik wearing pink dress, ufo, and now this.

"Bunda,  kalau sudah besar, sudah kerja sudah punya rumah, Titan mau nikah." 

Not really a surprise for me; we have this kind of conversation. The movie UP and its character Mr. Frederickson have been possessing you all along. How they grow old together. How they save and shrimp for travel. How they want to have kids. Basically, how he loves Ellie and everything about her.

Kenapa? Bukannya enak kalau sendiri? Enggak ada yang marahin suruh pulang cepet, bisa bebas kemana aja, jalan-jalan, ... (uhm... I'm loosing more reasons)

Then you suddenly pouted.

"Nanti kalau Titan sudah tua sama siapa?
Nanti kalau Titan duduk di kursi, di sampingnya enggak ada orang.
Nanti Titan kalau nonton TV sendirian. Kan enggak enak, Nda."

I smiled. While you were talking, I got busy with my own visual imaginations of you.

"Terserah Titan, kan nanti yang ngejalanin Titan. Nanti dirasa-rasa aja sendiri gimana rasanya sendiri, gimana rasanya punya temen deket, baru diputusin mau nikah sapa siapa."


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