Malicca's first date

On Friday night, you told me this.

"Bunda, besok main ke rumah Aurel ya."
"Just you? or with your other friends?"
"Only me."
"Well, I don't know where she lives."
"I know."
"Really, how do you know?'

"Jadi gini, tadi pas go home time Titan kan gandengan sama Aurel. Terus Titan bilang
'Aurel Aurel, besok main ke rumah kamu yuk!'
Kata Aurel 'Ayuk!'
'Tapi rumah kamu dimana?'
'Di Permata Mediterania, Jalan Garden 2 nomor 2'
'Oh yang ada tempat berenangnya itu ya? Nanti kita berenang ya!'
'Iya' kata Aurel.

I kept silent.

At one side, I just could not belive a nearly six years old kid could ask a girl out.
At the other side, oh ... I kinda lazy to find the address and pop out in front of her house and need to say this to Aurel's mom:

"Oh, well, hello... apparently,  our kids ... uhm ... have an appointment. To go swimming together. Uh hmmm..." .... aaaaaaawkwaaaaaaaaaard
But at some point, this is something cute and how could I let my own son down by not letting him go?

"Oh, we'll see" I finally said.

Saturday morning, he asked me when I will drop him to Aurel's.
(My God, you haven't forgot have you.)

So after having his lunch, I took him to the crime scene.
Well, ... not a single sign of 'Jalan Garden 2'
"Good!" I said to myself and did not try harder by asking a security at the gate.

"Maybe she's waiting for me at the sport club, Bunda." Malicca said.
"Very well, Sir."

Still, no sign of appearance.
But he doesn't look sad at all after seeing the pool. Soon he put on his rubber band and jumped off.

Maybe next time, kiddo.
Maybe next time.



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