Malicca, I miss you

Malicca, my satellite.

Do you remember when we drove along together on a very night.
And we sang out loud.
Yes, Viva La Vida that was.
Your favorite song.

Do you remember one day when I returned from work half-day
and we spent the rest of the day having pizza and played in the playground?

Do you remember when we went to Bali and spent the evening in the swimming pool watching the sun set? Spent the whole day on the beach, had pizza and tried our first Slurpee ever?
Yes, just the two of us.

Do you remember when we went to Singapore and you pushed yourself to walk along the city just because I forgot to bring your pushchair? And you did it without any complaints.

Do you remember those nights you took care of me when there was no man in the house?
Oh I forgot, you were the man that saved our house from a burnt out!

Do you remember the night when I was so pissed off and you said
"Good nite, tomorrow will be better, Bunda."
"Will you wake up earlier to school so I don't have to scream out loud just to hurry you up?"
And you did wake up without being fussy and you made me smile that day.

A man who keep his words, you are.

And now seeing you sick like this; breaks my heart and tore it apart.
"What have I not done?"
"What have I done wrong?"
If only I could be the one with the never-ending cough, short breath with lips turning blue, I would.
If only I should be the one with the bitter ventolin, I would.
If only I should be the one with the hurting nasal spray, I would too.
Because I only want you to swallow your dream.

Get well soon, baby. 


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