I am a proud mom

Dear Malicca,

One night you were being a little jerk, seriously. You were like a whirlwind.
You acted harsh to me and Nini,
you were being defensive and said no to most of the things I told you.

You were not like what you usually were. You were different that night.
I wonder what happened. Then I asked you to talk.
Amazingly, you understood what I meant. "Let's talk." I have said.
And we went in to Nini's bed room and we started to talk.

I always amazed with your skill in describing your feelings.
You were only five, but I respected how honest you were about your feelings.

Then you told me scene by scene about how upset you were when your friends did not reckon what you said to them. Yes, it was Bagas the kid next to our house.
You were playing with him when you told him not to hurt himself by playing underneath a truck.
Yes, a truck. But he didn't listen. Then you got upset.
Then you went off, but deep inside you still wanted to play with him.
But you were pissed off.

Malicca, you did the right thing by telling your friend what you think was right.
You did the right thing by warning a friend of a danger he was facing in.
But that's it. That's what you can do as a friend, to remind your friends.
Either they take it or not, its their call.

One other thing is, if you want people to listen to you; listen to them first.
That's the rule of this universe. When you do good deeds, they'll come back to you somehow.
Some people call it 'What goes around, comes around.'

But you know what, despite of the things you told me,
I am so proud of you.

You had the courage to remind your friend.
You said what you want to say.
You had the courage to be honest with your self, to me, by telling what you are feeling at that moment in Nini's bed room.

You are only five, but you can do a grown up might not able to do.



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