To Malicca, about quitting my job

Dear Malicca,
There was once you asked me this question.
"Bunda, kapan sih bunda berhenti bekerja?"

Hmm, it took me a while until I finally answered you.

I am working for a reason. Reasons, to be exact.
I am working for you, that is my most and top priority. For my parents, and for me.
I want to give you the best education I can afford.
And in this country, good education costs a lot of money.
And when I am mentioning good education, means not only the system but also the mindset they have to raise children.

I want to take you travel the world.
I want you to see many things, learnt from various source and meet people.
And travel, is not free.

I want to help my parents.
They are old, they are pension, I want to take care of them.
Pay their bills, find them a good maid, i want to give them the best doctor when they got sick one day.
And they are not free.

And there are so many other things I want to do.
I want to paint our house, build a garden and cook the finest foods,
... and they cost money.

You nodded as if you understood. Well, I really hope you did because you then said this

"I like my school, Bunda. I like going to school."

I smiled.
My dear satellite, there is nothing more I could be happier for, than to know how you love your school.
We had been in that situation when getting to school was very stressful for me and you.
When you cried, when you never told me a single story about your school or friends, I could even remember your face as we hit the gate. You looked so stressful.

Now knowing you loved your school ... I am so happy.
You deserve the best, my satellite.
Yes, you do.

That's why I am working.
That's my answer.


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