"Bundaaaa... for you." He said while coming into the bed room.
"Lookin good, where did you get the vase?" 
"I found it in the kitchen"

I am grateful for having a little gentleman in the house, an addition after the senior: my husband.
Not only this time, not only because he sees what hubby did to me with flowers, he did give me flowers since he was a little boy.

Yes, he has always been my guy.

Not only because we have the mother and son's bound, but there were times when all we got were just the two of us. me and malicca's father got separated when he was three, and he managed to protect me ever since.

Being born as a real Taurian makes him a sensitive guy. So sensitive sometimes I get worried he will be a mushy boy.

He knows when I am sad, when I get angry, and he always asks.
"Are you sad? Am I being a bad boy?"
"Are you crying? What happened?"
"Are you angry?" 

and when I really do angry (to him), I only say "Yes I am. Do you know what you have to do?"
and yes, he always knows what he has to do. (many times, i need to be angry first to make him do what he has to do, though hahaha).

He is six now and still racing with time to reach his minimal weight: 21 kgs in five months. I sometimes wonder what's his thinking. To have a step sister, a step father. Though he always says he is happy there is a slight worry in me.

Malicca, I want to talk to you.
Yes bunda ibu yang cantik dan punya bayi cantik, what do you want to talk about?

and we started to talk about many serious things.

Do you have any questions? Bilang gitu dong Bunda. He said.

Do you have any questions? I said.
No. He said.
Thank you for reminding me. He continued.

How can I not love you, malaika? 

I wish you to grow healthy and strong.
To be able to responsible for your own, and for others.
Full of respect to others, and love and softness to women.
I know you have that empathy for others and it is a good start.


You are good, you are kind, you are important.
Remember  that.


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