In one starry night,
you and I were sitting in the front terrace of our house.
You turned the lights off,
so we can see the starry sky much clearer.

You had your strawberries.
Yes, you said you like strawberries very much.
But I know,
it is the moment you dipped the strawberry into sugar
is what you liked most.
- I am happy as long as you are happy -

And you started asking me questions.

Bunda, is love fiction?
No, love is real.
But why can't I draw love?
Yes you can, and you did. When you drew for me, that is love. When you drew for aki, nini, ayah, bubu, uwak, that is love. When you drew Cadillac Eldorado, that is love.
You mean love is when I draw a heart?
No, love is something that you are feeling and makes you happy.
I love you, Bunda.

*I suddenly lost my breath and shed a tear*

I am having such a lovable life.
I am having so much love around me, I love them and they love me.
What else in life you expect when you have your love in return?
Though I sometimes forget or deny.
Though I have hurt and got hurt by many people in my life.
God never forgets to remind me over and over that there are so much love around me.


I love you too, Malicca.  
And I love Bubu too. 
And I love the little lunar that is shining softly in the belly. 


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