Have faith

Whoever found the phrase "as easy as 1, 2, 3 or a, b, c"... he or she is wrong.
Teaching how to write, to read and counting, are not easy. Let alone of the stress when we know other kids in her / his age, already read aloud. But don't ever let them put you in despair. Have a faith, that every kid has their own phase.

It took me a big fight with my conservative environment who could not stop asking my son "You are five, can you read yet?" or "Can you count to a hundred?" or "One plus one equals to?"
My son being my son, he only shrug his shoulder and leave.
My argument those days would be "When he starts reading is not important, what important is what his readings are."

Well, you can guess that my argument was not enough.

It is the era of child oriented learning based. If we take a mirror and see our reflection, seriously, do you feel satisfied with the way you brought up? the way you learn things at school? do you realize their future would be way harder than us? Do you realize our kids will live in a world we don't know? And if we, as parents, don't know how the world would be in the future, don't you think the best  we can do now is to guide our kids to know herself? Know her potential, limitation and what her wants. 

The next question would be "Then why would you push her to learn she is not ready yet?"

Up to this moment, I am still amazed of how kid's brain works. They absorb almost everything and suddenly they connect them altogether one day. Without you even realized it.
That suddenly, they become bilingual.
That suddenly, they do the addition.
That suddenly, they drew you a comic.
That suddenly, they give you a letter with your name on it.

Don't ever lose the faith that kids have their own phase.
Instead of you pushing them do things you or the environment wish him to do,
you'd better get shape; so you will be ready at anytime.

Sneakily picked up a book. Enid Blyton's today

Picked The Giving Tree before bed

And suddenly, mommy got lots of love letters


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