2012 and what doomsday to me

There might be three or five amongst us who dreamed about doomsday at least once in 2012. Me myself, have dreamed it twice as far as I remember. The dream itself always involves beautifully illuminated skies, huge planets that bang before my eyes.

To some people, they already given in with the doomsday.
Not because they are ready, but more to que sera sera point of view.
What ever will be, will be.

Apparently, what I had in my dream reflected the way I feel about the doomsday itself.
In my dream, I was always with my closest ones whose in real life they are the people why I live for.

To me, doomsday is neither about going to hell or heaven.
Not about how ready I am for the judgement day.
Doomsday means being separated with people I love that I do not know when I will see them again.
Doomsday means loosing my child and forgetting all my dreams for him. Missing all the chats and laughter we usually have.

No matter how ready you are for the doomsday, nothing will make you ready to be separated with your  children. And I wish doomsday will not be happening soon.

I think all mothers will agree with me.


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