Learn to do something about hope

Hari ini, Malicca Titan belajar untuk menuliskan harapannya di sekolah. "What did you hope for?" Aku tanya. "I write: I hope I can play toy car everyday." ... "Okay, that is a good one."

Melihat kesempatan itu, aku mencoba untuk mendorong lebih jauh lagi apa impiannya. Dan akhirnya, Malicca bilang "I want to go to Paradise Falls, like Kakek Up" - he means Mr. Frederickson, the main character in the movie UP. "Oh wow, it is a grrrrrreat hope!"

"Do you know you can make all your dreams come true?" I asked him. "No." Dia menjawab singkat.

"It is true. All you need to do is rrrrreally really want it, plan it, do something about it and pray. Do you rrrrreally want to go to Angel's Falls, or Paradise Falls like in the movie?" ... "Yes, Bunda. It is in Amerika Selatan just like Segitiga Bermuda."

"Okay, now let's do something about it!"

I had the idea popped out just like that, that was to steal a scene in the movie itself. I borrowed my mom's big, clear canister and let Malicca draw the Paradise Falls in his version. My version of hope is to go to Ghibli Museum to see Totoro. We pasted it in the canister and started to toss all the money we have (mine was all in the wallet) and his was all coins he got in the our car (-_-")

He smiled happily.

The day after, he puts all neglected coins and his lebaran angpao all into the jar.

Isn't it a wonderful thing, to have a dream and do something about it. I mean really really really do something about it.

Malicca draws his dream

My version of hope

His version of hope

His happy face after tossing all his money into the jar
Angel Falls, Venezuella 


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