Make friend with Broccoli

Who doesn't like veggie? High five!

Because I don't like veggie, so is my son.
So lately I tried to inhibit habit of eating veggie to Malicca.
Because I am working, breakfast is the only time we can dine together.
So, eating veggie let us in the morning.

The thing about cooking veggie is, it looks simple but it is hard to cook.
Over-cooked will only ruin the vitamins and its colors.
Thanks to Ibu Kembar who gave me the tips to cook sauted broccoli garlic.
And bigger thanks, because Malicca likes it even more.

The steps are easy.

Boil water and cook broccoli until its color becomes darker and a bit soft.
Dry the broccoli and put them on a dish.

Next, get some vegetable oil or olive oil into the frying pan.
Put chopped garlic and saute.
Put a little bit margarine and salt.
Do not wait until the garlic is brown. Brownish color means over-cooked and it tastes a bit bitter.
Cook it half-done then pour the salty margarine sauce onto the broccoli and top with grated cheese if you like.

Sauted broccoli garlic is now ready to be served.


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