every family has its story

dear titan and la luna,
now let me tell you about family.

well, a family is people you see and know for the first time.
those people around who watch you grow.
they see you get bigger, get taller, but not necessarily they make you stronger.
you see them, you know them, but your understanding toward them doesn't come instantly, or easily.
sometimes it takes forever to understand the character of each member of your family.
those are the people you see most often, but sometimes, not the one you seek for the first time.
either when you are in good or bad.

there are times when you feel you hate your family.
you hate your mom, your dad, your sister or brother,
but then you will realise that a family, just like any other things in the world,  can not always be nice.
and when that day come, just remember that there is no perfect family.
there is always the nicest, the worst, the most generous, the most stingy, those who make you feel happy the most or many times, those who makes you cry and pissed off the whole day.
but your family, is your family.
no matter what.
by then I hope you will realise that you will just have to accept your family.
the way they are.

and you, my children, you are a pair of angels god gave me.
because god knows having each other will make your life easier as brother and sister.
because god wants you to be stronger by having each other.
because god wants you to be always in his path, so god gave one as a reminder to the other.

and I want nothing in this world except you grow healthy and happy and to be grateful for having each other and taking care of each other.
promise me that,
one day.


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