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T: Nda, bunga bangkai tuh bau ya?
B: Iya. Bau bangettt!
T: Bangkainya bangkai apa?
B: -__-

T: Nda, we are living in a dome right?
B: hmmm
T: look at the sky, its like a dome. so we are living in a dome. just like a half-cut ball.
B: it is not the way we should look at it. the earth itself is a sphere, and the sky is so wide and limitless that is why you see it like a dome.

T: Bunda, I want to go to the moon.
B: me too. but we should build a rocket to go to the moon.
T: what? build a rocket? okay, there's a space in the backyard we can build the rocket there.
B: no we can't. we have to go to florida, there is a rocket shuttle there.
T: how to get there?
B: uhm ... a bit hard.
T: nothing is hard, you said. it is just we don't know how to do it. bilang aja Bunda enggak tau gimana kesananya.
B: -__-

T: Bunda, I want to see UFO. Why nobody ever seen it?
B: some people did. at least, they think they have seen it.
T: why can't we see it like we see aeroplanes?
B: because they are afraid of humans. because they are not humans. they are being watched if they are visible.
T: you said the universe is endless, the UFO must be hiding somewhere
B: exactly my point.
T: I know the biggest star!
B: what is it?
T: it is the sun!
B: yes, it is biggest because it is the nearest star. look at my hand (I put my hand close to your nose)
    it is big, right? but see my hand if I pull it back, it is getting smaller right?
T: uh, tangan bunda bau otak-otak!
B: there goes my scientific mood 

T: I want to marry La Luna
B: why?
T: because she is soooo cute!
B: what is marry?
T: in bahasa indonesia, it is called menikah.
B: what is menikah
T: titan enggak tau, menurut titan nikah itu barengan.
B: there's no way you can marry your sister
T: masa barengan aja enggak boleh?
B: ...

You hate spider, but you did well making the spider robot


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