I really really really enjoyed my time together with Malicca specially when we were about to go to bed and having a shower. Those are the times when he was so so sooooo talkative. Sometimes my head hurts because of it.

Just like this morning.

Bunda, Titan kan pernah ya waktu itu hari Minggu cepat-cepat mandi; soalnya kata Bunda bilang mau nonton. 

Iya, minggu lalu kan? 

Iya. Trus habis mandi Titan tanya "Pakai baju apa, Bunda?"

Trus Bunda bilang "Pakai baju biasa aja."

Trus Titan tanya "Lho kok pake baju biasa? Kan mau nonton...." Ehhh taunya bukan nonton bioskop di mall ya. Taunya nonton Bioskop Bunda di rumah. Itu mah namanya nonton TV, Bunda. Lain kali kalau ngomong yang jelaaaaaaaaaaaaaas." You said in flat face.

Me: "Lho, tapi kan namanya nonton juga itu. Nonton film pakai DVD, di TV. Itu namanya Bioskop Bunda."

T: "Bukan, itu namanya TV. Tuh, ada tulisannya Samsung Smart TV"

M: "Emang kalau nonton di bioskop ada tulisannya? B-I-O-S-K-O-P, gitu?"

T: "Ya enggak ada sih, tapi kan ada tulisannya di tiket."

I made a big laugh out of it.
I am sorry son, I did not know how disappointed you were until you told me just now.
Well, Okay. errr... I sometimes hid a little bit clues, but it did not mean I lied.
Sometimes, telling you things in details was such a TV production. Yea, ... that tough you know.
Why? Because it would at least took me 10 minutes to explain and answer your 'out-of-the-box' logical question and bragged your million reasons.

But you know what, I love those moments.
Yea, ... those irritating reasoning.
Cause when two people are having argument, means that both are thinking.

Keep going, will you?
Someday I will miss our conversation and discussion a lot, which I hope is not ending up so soon.


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