Rainbow and the magic pond

Once upon a time, there was a little boy. He had deep hazel eyes, tanned skin and feet as skinny as a bean stalk. He was an orphan and was very lonely. His best friends were the golden grass in the savanna. The forest ferns, the morning dew, the smell of rain when they touch the soil, the chirping birds, the bright blue sky and blinking stars, the marching ants and caterpillars, and other beautiful creatures around him. When the morning came, he woke up and greeted those wonderful things. He walked slowly and chanted beautiful prayers to them.

One day, it was raining and it washed away the colours of his surroundings. The green leaves, the shocking pink flower, the soil, the black tarantula, even his own skin had became dull. What was happening? The boy wondered. Not long after that, the rain stopped and the sun came out. He came out of his shelter and looked up the sky. ...he saw a colourful painting in the sky he had never seen before.

It was a rainbow.

He mesmerised of its beautiful colours. It was as colourful as the sun's flare that reflected in the surface of the morning dew he saw every day. And so the boy wondered, how was it to get the rainbow far in the sky. "Even if I grow bigger and taller, I would not be able to get the rainbow. And I am not a fairy who is born with a pair of silky wings!"  the boy mumbled.

Days and nights became the never-ending ponder of how to get the rainbow. One day, the boy got broken. He gave up. He cried desperately. He cried loud. ... Tears bursted out of his hazel eyes like a river. He did not stop crying until he suddenly realised that he was now standing in a pond. He was all surrounded by his own tears that became a pond. 

Not finished by his amazement, he realised something. The rainbow he had wished for, was now in front of him. It laid on the surface of the pond and he could see the rainbow closer and even touched it. The boy was so extremely happy! Every time he moved, he made ripples. And every time the ripples touched a surface, the surface became colourful too. The boy did not feel lonely anymore, because now he could play with the rainbow all day. And when the night came, the pond became a starry pond he could also touch.

This is a magical pond, he said to himself. A pond that was made of his own tears that brings happiness on the other day.  


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