My big little guy

This is my satellite, Malicca Titan Pranisha. His name is taken from one of Saturn’s satellite, Titan. Titan’s (I mean the satellite) material was almost like the earth, only without atmosphere. So, for his parents Titan (I mean my son) is a hope. Just like Titan (might be) could be the next earth, a place where people can live in, for his parents Titan is a hope. He is a second chance to make a better ‘us’. Titan was a second chance anyway. I lost my 6th weeks fetus in gestation about 8 months before Titan. I don’t know was it a she or a he, but my feeling told me that it was a she. I named her Marasthra, it means big star.

Malicca was taken from one of Asmaul Husna, it translates ‘The Almighty’.

Pranisha was a mix of his parent’s name (yeah, I know this is lame, but it is a pact amongst the family that we need to inherit the word ‘Pranis’ in each of our child’s name).

Titan was born after his 38 weeks and 4 days of gestation. I had a 26 hours contraction, managed myself to reach the eighth openings, but had a cesarean in the end. Like his name, Titan loves night sky and everything about the sky. He mistakenly mentions colors up to this moment, but I am proud enough he fluently able to pronounce ‘galaxies’ , ‘clouds’ and can really differentiate which one is Saturn and which one is Neptune. His has fetish on everything about Mercedes and Volkswagen, he has severe allergy on dust, and loves to sing from Barney’s theme song, Twinkle-twinkle little stars and Coldplay’s Viva Lavida (yes, this is influenced by his mom) *wink

One of the beautiful moment happened to me and Titan was when he once saw me cried. He wiped my tears while saying “Why are you crying? Did I do something bad?” He asked naively. And there was nothing I could do unless to hug him. Tight, very tight.

Titan is only a three years old, but he really is my guy. He wipes my tears, he soaped my back and sometimes picks me the clothe I wear to work. When he grows up, grows bigger and taller, I am sure he can be my next possible hero.


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